Lest We Forget

The Museum’s World War One remembered event has ended, but the memory of what the soldiers and families went through for our freedom is still vivid in our minds, they will not be forgotten. Heres a short summary of things we experienced in those memorable three weeks. Week One We enlisted into the Army, straightened our backs to meet with ..read more »

The Big Lunch

The Big Lunch is a very simple idea from the Eden Project. The aim is to get as many people as possible across the whole of the UK to have lunch with their neighbours in a simple act of community, friendship and fun. Since starting in 2009, thousands of Big Lunches have taken place in ..read more »

Beau Street Hoard Roadshow

Is coming to Weston museum! Explore the amazing hoard of 17,577 Roman coins that where found in the centre Bath. Find out how the hoard was discovered, look in detail at some coins and make a replica coin to take home. 11am – 4pm , Free Entry!