Hard hat tours 1

I recently volunteered to guide people around the, now empty, museum building. It was an opportunity to let other volunteers and Town Councillors see the progress made to date and imagine the wonderful new facility that will open in the future.

On day one it was necessary to give the premises a clean because we didn’t want anyone to trip over loose materials or expire from dust inhalation. This was the grubbiest of jobs but the Town Council cleaners and a loyal band of volunteers stuck to the task. As a consequence when the tours began on day two we were able to safely move about the building.

The tours themselves consisted of a ‘walk through’ of the old building. Display boards had been compiled by John (A1 camera club) and Chris (museum volunteer) showing each section as it was and how it is envisaged it will look in the future. In addition, the architects displayed plans of the project that helped explain the proposed changes to the building that include; the construction of two new bridges on the first floor, renovation of the glass roof and the installation of new front doors and a lift.

However, not being an engineer I was much more interested in the plans for the displays and the café/shop areas. Without doubt the project will deliver a light, bright environment as well as provide information about the town’s past.

Elaine Buss, Volunteer

Hard hat tours 2