Learning Sessions

Weston Museum service offers a range of learning resources for schools and community groups

During the refurbishment, Weston Museum is developing a learning programme for local schools and groups. This includes in-school learning sessions and handling boxes for Key Stages 1 and 2, as well as resources for home education groups and community groups, but is constantly evolving and open to tailoring, so feel free to contact the team with enquiries.

In-school session topics cover:

  • Stone Age to Bronze Age - Imagine how our ancestors hunted and survived in a place where mammoths and wooly rhinos roamed the land. Examine flint and bronze tools and design your own toolkit. See how people used and were inspired by the animals around them by trying on furs and leather items, as well as trying your hand at some cave art!
  • The Iron Age - Picture yourself as a tribal warrior by handling replica Iron Age swords, trying on some Iron Age dressing up and hearing about how a local hillfort came to a savage end. Learn about domestic life and how people made their clothing, as well as what items they treasured and wanted to take with them on their journey through life.
  • The Romans - Imagine yourself as a Roman emperor by trying on a toga, handling some replica Roman armour and making your own coins. Learn about Roman culture through designing your own mosaic and adopting a Roman name.
  • Victorian Weston - This local study session can either have a focus on the lives of Victorian children in Weston or on the Victorian seaside and how Weston expanded in the Victorian era. Activities can include seeing how Weston grew by locating trades and activities on a floor map, exploring Victorian children's lives through dressing up and a game of true or false and even playing with some toys that don't require batteries. Seaside elements can include an object sorting and memory game of seaside objects old and new, as well as a design and colour activity comparing posters and postcards from the heyday of Weston's seaside past and using them as inspiration to design your own postcard.

These sessions usually last around 1.5 - 2 hours and consist of a number of hands-on, interactive activities, from crafts and drawing, to dressing up and object handling. Children can have the chance to examine a mixture of original objects and replicas in a close-up, exciting session. 

'A fantastic afternoon. Lots of information delivered in a way that was interesting and fun' - local Primary teacher

Charges for in-school sessions -

• Half day experience for one class of approximately 30 pupils - £80
• Double session (2 sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon to cover 2 classes of approximately 30 pupils) - £120
• Triple session (a full day to cover 3 classes of approximately 30 pupils, with a whole group introduction at the beginning of the day, followed by 3 sessions lasting around 1 hour for each group to fit around break and lunch times) - £150

The in-school learning sessions are designed as a half day interactive experience for one class of approximately 30 pupils, but options can be individually-tailored according to your preferences or to student's needs. Additional mileage costs may apply for locations outside of Weston or North Somerset.

The team is also developing options for SEN learning resources, which you can find out about here.

The Museum also offers a handling box hire service on a number of topics; boxes can sometimes be supplemented or tailored with extra information. Handling boxes are available to hire at £25 for a 2 week period.


Handling Boxes

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