‘Make a Museum’ Class Package

Create your own class museum using support and resources from the Weston Museum

Would you like to create a wonderful display of your class's history project for pupils and parents to visit? Weston Museum's Learning Officer can lead an active talk (either at your school or within Weston Museum) giving an introduction to how to create a museum display. This talk can include aspects such as types of museums, display styles, museum roles, creating interactives and audience considerations all aimed at your key stage level. The talk can also include an object handling exercise, to begin thinking about how we interpret objects and how they can be best displayed. You will then receive optional worksheets and resources for carrying on with teacher-led activities back in the classroom setting, such as making object labels or designing marketing.

This active talk can last for around 45 minutes and costs £35.

Following this talk you can hire a handling box of original and replica objects, information, books and even dressing up items to create your own museum display.

Boxes are available on a number of topics listed here, and cost £25 for a 2 week hire period.

A number of local schools have taken part in this package and given some great feedback, such as Bournville Primary School (pictured below), whose blog about their final museum display can be read here. Milton Park School even went the whole way to creating a whole school museum, with a display from each class all gathered in the school hall; a great day was had by all!

  bournville museumbournville museum 2

Handling Boxes

You can hire a variety of handling boxes for KS1 & 2, containing a mixture of original & replica objects, books, information, audio & images

Learning Sessions

Exciting, hands-on learning sessions covering a range of historical topics and featuring a mixture of crafts, handling items and dressing up