photo of anchor head wall
09/05/2017 @ 10:00 – 12:00
The Badger Centre
3-6 Wadham St
Weston-super-Mare BS23 1JY
Weston Museum
01934 621028

Weston Museum are working with artist, Mary Flower, and lots of different schools and community groups to create an exciting new mural for the new museum space. We are holding workshops to create sections of this mural and our final one is another opportunity for home education families to take part.

The mural is based on the geology of Weston working with natural resources such as clay, rock and mud to produce a unique piece of art that will be installed in the courtyard space at Weston museum. The project has been funded by the arts council and in total nearly 300 members of the community would have taken part in the project.

There are only 12 remaining pieces of work left to do. The sessions don’t require any specialist skills and children of a variety of ages and abilities can attend (anything from about 5 years upwards), even parents can book on to create a mural piece. Attendees are advised to wear clothing that is fine to get a little messy!

The free workshop will run from 10am – 12 noon at the Badger Centre, Wadham Street on Tuesday 9th May. Place must be booked in advance.


photo of anchor head wall

Description of the project by artist, Mary Flower:

‘In my research for the project I have become interested in the rich geological history of Weston. In particular I have been looking at how buildings have been constructed from materials under the ground in the town – namely carboniferous limestone.

Focusing on this each child will build a component part of the mural that will go on the atrium wall in the museum. They will use materials from the ground that occur in Weston and the surrounding area (crushed up limestone, clay mud and aggregate) to build up a textured abstract surface on pre cut ply board. Each piece of ply is part of a jigsaw that makes up an overall image that will be re assembled to mount on the atrium wall.

The final result will look richly textured and each child will be able to identify their component part on the wall in the museum for years to come!

The image within the mural will be based on a photo that I took of a wall at Anchor Head in Weston where the built wall and natural carboniferous limestone are joined.

The children will be using pva glue, crushed up rock and small pieces of aggregate (from local quarries), clay and mud from the river Axe and river Avon. I will bring resources from the Scrapstore for them to use to build up a textured surface onto which they can apply the materials.