volunteer in school session


1Weston Museum’s exciting learning programme is now in full swing and providing historical learning opportunities to local schools and groups. The learning team provide school sessions and handling box resources to local primary schools and community groups, and will soon be providing sessions for home educators.

These activities all require the support of a group of volunteers who plan sessions, create resources, complete coordination tasks and support the delivery of sessions. Anybody who is interested in historical learning or teaching could join the team and gain valuable experience, as well as contributing to children’s engagement with their own local history.


Volunteers will have access to a range of training, provided free of charge, and be supported by the museum staff in order to feel confident in their roles. If you have some spare time and want to contribute to historical learning in your community, either as a stepping stone to a future role or because you simply enjoy getting involved with education, then get in touch with the museum team. Whether you are a parent who has found they have extra time to spare, a student considering a career in education or childcare or a retired teacher who just wants to carry on with occasional resource development and research tasks, get in touch.

Opportunities and roles are very flexible and can usually fit around current commitments, with many volunteers completing tasks in their own time at home or to fit around childcare. Volunteers do not need to be history experts, as information is provided. Learning and Events Officer Katherine Bell says that ‘the learning team all share knowledge and it is really interesting researching bits of history that may have been unfamiliar to begin with. The whole team is really friendly and we have great fun leading sessions with local children, who often have some inspired and at times entertaining views on history!’.

To find out more information, visit the volunteering page or contact the learning officer on museum@wsm-tc.gov.uk or 01934 621028.