Enjoy fond memories of days gone by with our trained and dedicated team at Weston Museum

Remembering the past can bring a great deal of satisfaction and understanding to all ages. Through the Museum service our members can come to your preferred location, with a specially picked handling box brimming with nostalgic items. These items can help to revive forgotten memories of key milestones of a person's life and even be shared with family members.

Activities for people living with dementia

The Museum's reminiscence service provides sessions and handling boxes for active living groups and residential homes. A member of the Museum team and volunteers will take part in sessions alongside staff from the groups or homes, which usually last for around 1½ hours. We will bring handling boxes so that people can reminiscence and enjoy the happy memories the items evoke. The sessions are free of charge.

If you run a group that could benefit from this session please contact a member of the team at or call 01934 621028

(Please keep in mind that a session can hold a maximum of 12 attendees at one time).

Hiring handling boxes

If you prefer, you can hire our handling boxes at a small fee of £25 for a 2 week period, plus VAT.

Our tactile handling boxes include topics such as:

In The Home
Leisure & Transport





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