Scouts and Guides Local Knowledge Package

Bring some fun historical learning into your sessions, using support and resources from the museum learning team

Weston Museum learning team have created an interactive package for Weston’s Scouting and Guiding groups, making learning about the history of the local area fun and hands-on. The package can provide the resources or further ideas to obtain a Local Knowledge or Culture activity badge, or simply provide an enjoyable session for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Rainbows, Brownies or Guides. It offers a ready made set of activities, which will make learning about local history fun for the children and easy for the group leaders.

The package includes both a visit from a member of the museum learning team and an activity pack full of ideas and resources for further self-led sessions. The visit to an evening session includes the provision of interactive activities, such as a giant map activity where children can roll a giant dice to locate different trades and activities that contributed to Weston’s growth during the Victorian era.

The activity pack includes a variety of ideas and a number of resources for self-led activities, such as:

• Town Crest Information Sheet and Blank Template – Learn about what the symbols on our town crest mean and design your own version using copies of the blank template
• Town Trail – Follow the trail of buildings in the town centre, designed by well-known Victorian Architect Hans Fowler Price, to see beyond the modern shop fronts and houses
• Weston Folk Songs – Have a go at singing either a love song ‘The Lazy Wave’ or a dark account of drowned sailor’s bodies ‘The Brean Lament’ to get a feel for traditional music of the area
• Information Sheets – Read a little more about some of Weston’s key historical features to guide research projects. Includes information on Weston’s General History, Worlebury Iron Age Hillfort, The Old Birnbeck Pier and The Railways.

The package costs £30.

In addition to the package, you can hire a handling box of original and replica objects, information, books and even dressing up items to carry on learning about a particular aspect of history.

Boxes are available on a number of topics listed here, and cost £25 for a 2 week period.

A member of the team recently visited a Beaver group in Weston who are learning about their local area; the group took part in a map activity and got the chance to examine a variety of historical seaside objects. The children enjoyed the evening very much and are now looking forward to taking part in a walk around their local area, hunting down the locations in the historical photographs provided in their pack (once the weather improves!).


Handling Boxes

You can hire a variety of handling boxes for KS1 & 2, containing a mixture of original & replica objects, books, information, audio & images

Learning Sessions

Exciting, hands-on learning sessions covering a range of historical topics and featuring a mixture of crafts, handling items and dressing up