‘Twilight at the Museum’ – Scouts and Guides Package

Come to Weston Museum for an exciting and exclusive visit at twilight and take part in fun, historical learning towards a badge or activity

Bring your group to a pre-scheduled evening or gather together and book your own date to suit your calendar.

Included in your visit will be the chance to explore the galleries and exhibitions in a safe environment, without other members of the general public, as well as taking part in fun, hands on activities throughout the building. Each group leader will also receive a pack of information, trails, worksheets and ideas for further self-led activities, providing you with the resources to guide a variety of further sessions back in your regular spot and give even more value.

This package can either simply be a fun visit or an opportunity to contribute towards attaining a badge. 'Local Knowledge', 'Culture', 'Collector' or even the special 'Night in the Museum' badge for Girl Guiding groups are all relevant to this activity. This package is open to all levels of Scouting and Guiding groups (as well as other similar community groups) and activities can be tailored to suit different ages or abilities.

The package costs £5 per child and adults can attend for free (1 adult to every 5 children). When booking a date that you would like (as opposed to a pre-scheduled event), you will need a minimum of 30 children and a maximum of around 45. Timings for pre-scheduled events will generally be from 6-7:30pm; these will be advertised on the website's What's On section. Timings for events where you choose the date can be flexible, but will last for 1.5 hours and start at a time after 5pm. To discuss options or to book an event, please contact the Learning Officer, Katherine Bell (Katherine.bell@wsm-tc.gov.uk).



In addition to the package, you can hire a handling box of original and replica objects, information, books and even dressing up items to carry on learning about a particular aspect of history. Boxes are available on a number of topics listed here, and cost £25 for a 2 week period.

Handling Boxes

You can hire a variety of handling boxes for KS1 & 2, containing a mixture of original & replica objects, books, information, audio & images

Learning Sessions

Exciting, hands-on learning sessions covering a range of historical topics and featuring a mixture of crafts, handling items and dressing up