Welcome to Weston Museum

We are currently closed to the public.

Welcome to Weston Museum

In response to the latest Government announcement, we are sorry to report that Weston Museum will once again close its doors to the public from Thursday 5th November. We look forward to welcoming you back as soon as we can.

We have also created a programme of entertainment and educational content online, please enjoy via our website, YouTube channel and our Facebook page.

Discover the history of Weston-super-Mare at Weston Museum. Housed in a beautiful and distinctive historic building. We tell the story of the town and the surrounding area from prehistoric times to the present day.

Once you know your history you understand more of who you are, you learn from the past and find ways to predict the future and even help create a better one.

Weston Museum’s free admission means that the museum is truly for everyone and is quickly becoming a popular destination among tourists as one of Weston’s top attractions.

News & Blog

13 November 2020|

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25 October 2020|

Rubbish Archaeology Week – October Half Term Rubbish is Archaeology! That might sound odd, but it’s true. Lots of things that are found during archaeological digs are actually things that [...]

What’s On

Schools & Learning

Bring learning to life with Weston Museum’s hands-on learning resources and sessions. The museum has a wide range to offer schools, home educators, and community groups with learning about local history.

Collections & Exhibitions

Weston Museum tells the unique story of Weston-super-Mare using objects from the North Somerset Collection and spans pre-history to Weston as we know and love it today.  The collection itself is owned by North Somerset Council and is managed and curated by the South West Heritage Trust.

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