Handling Boxes

Bring your history lessons to life with a handling box from Weston Museum

Boxes contain a mixture of original objects, replicas, activities and props, books, images, information sheets and even dressing up items!
Some boxes are more suited to KS1 and others KS2, but the wonderful thing about objects is that they can be used for many ages and abilities, so this is not a hard and fast rule! Boxes are available to hire at £40 for a 2-week period and can be collected from Weston Museum up to 3 days before the hire period begins. If you would like to enquire about or book a box, just contact the museum team: museum@wsm-tc.gov.uk.

Click on a topic below to see a sample contents list for that box. *Please note that whilst we try to ensure that these lists accurately reflect the boxes, maintenance requirements sometimes mean that not all items listed will be present. We will send you an up to date list for the box upon enquiry and booking.

Fossils & Dinosaurs

Fossil icon

The Ancient World

The Ancient World
The Ancient World (PDF, 147kb)

Stone to Iron Age

Hammer Icon
Stone Age to Iron Age (PDF, 147kb)

The Roman Era

Roman Icon
The Roman Era (PDF, 152kb)

Saxons & Vikings

Saxons and Vikings Icon

The Victorians

Victorians icon

World War One

World War 1 Icon
Temporarily Unavailable

World War Two

World war 2 Icon
World War 2 (PDF, 225kb)

In Living Memory

In Living Memory Icon
In Living Memory (308kb)


Seaside Icon
Seaside (PDF, 45kb)

Toys & Games

Toys and Games Icon
Toys & Games (PDF, 143kb)

Nature & Wildlife

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