rusty the iron age dog mascot yac logoDue to the popularity of our YAC Rusty Club, where mini archaeologists take part in a monthly, hands on session all about history, we’ve decided to open up an extra session. The club members will now be encouraged to choose to be part of a ‘Juniors’ group session from 10:30-11:45 (aimed at ages 8-12) or a ‘Seniors’ group session from 12:15-1:30 (aimed at ages 13-16). This will come into action from our April meeting onwards, when the next set of subscription fees is also due. The cost for 6 months of sessions (April-Sept then Oct-March) will be £30.

We want to keep offering sessions that have lots of active hands on learning and feel that this works best when the number of attendees to the session is kept below 15. But we also don’t want to turn anybody away from becoming a club member. So, with the extra interest in membership we’ve had recently, we’ve decided that having 2 groups might solve this problem.

Over the past year, we’ve been offering a separate programme of learning sessions specially aimed at home educating families on a weekday. For these, we have been holding a Juniors slot and Seniors slot and we feel that this has worked really well, so we want to try out this pattern for Rusty Club too.

There is lots more general information about Rusty Club here, including past session content and the reason why we call the club Rusty Club!

If your child is already a Rusty Club member and you want to keep attending a morning session (which we will start to refer to as the Juniors slot) then you don’t need to do anything. If you feel that moving over to the Seniors slot with a start time of 12:15 would suit your child, then just let Katherine know.

If you have a young archaeologist who is interested in joining Rusty Club then just send us an email and have a think about which slot they would be most suited to. The age range is to give some guidance rather than act as a strict cut off. For example, if you child is 12 but has friends already in the Seniors group then they might be best joining the Seniors group rather than waiting until they turn 13.

If you have any questions, just email Katherine (YAC group leader) at