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This year’s CBA Festival of Archaeology is all about Exploring Local Places, so we want you to explore yours by playing a game!

Create your own set of Top Trumps cards featuring historical sites, buildings or objects from Weston-super-Mare and North Somerset.
Use the template image in this post and the categories below to create your set of cards; choose your own list of things to feature, find an image and short description for each one, then decide ratings. Once you have created your cards, just divide them between players and take it in turns to see who has the best ones.

You can either use the digital template below or pick up a printed pack from the museum by joining us for the free Festival of Archaeology event on Saturday 24th July 2021 (10-3).

Top Trumps card template with boxes and categories


How to play:
1. Create at least 30 cards featuring different objects or places
2. Divide them evenly between players (2-6 players)
3. Each player holds their hand of cards up so that they (and no other players) can only see the top card
4. The player to the left of the dealer picks out a rating on their first card that they think might beat the other cards in the pack. They read out this rating (for example – ‘Age, 2000 years old’)
5. The other player/s then read out their corresponding ratings from their top cards. If the rating is less than the one first called out, they must hand over that card to the player who started. If, however, one of the players has a card with a higher rating, then they have won the round and the cards go to them instead.
6. The player who won that round places the extra cards to the back of their pile and starts the next round from the new card on the top of their pile.
7. Play continues until players lose all of their cards, the remaining player who holds all the cards is the winner!


Information Sources
Here is a list of websites where you can find further information to help with your research:
Our Town information sheets
Information about many places, objects and the history of Weston and the surrounding area. They are displayed around Weston Museum, and you can also download them at the link.
Know Your Place website
Know Your Place is a digital heritage mapping resource, for exploring your neighbourhood online. It includes historic maps, collections, photographs and linked information about different areas. It’s free to use and anyone can add to the map.
Objects in the South West Heritage Trust collections
These objects are cared for at the Somerset Heritage Centre in Taunton and can be seen at The Museum of Somerset, Somerset Rural Life Museum and Weston Museum.
Wikipedia list of scheduled monuments in North Somerset
A scheduled monument is a nationally important archaeological site or monument, which has been given legal protection. They are identified by English Heritage.
Strawberry Line website
Information about the different sections of the path and local heritage.