A1 Camera Club, a vibrant community of photography enthusiasts, is delighted to announce its upcoming exhibition at Weston Museum. This showcase of stunning work is running from September 5th to September 16th.

Preserving the Past, Framing the Future
In the late 1970s, a group of mature students embarked on a photography course at Weston College. As bonds of friendship formed, an idea took root: rather than dispersing after the course’s end, these passionate photographers chose to unite under the banner of shared creativity. Meeting in local pubs, they birthed a formal entity in 1981 – the A1 Camera Club – inspired by the iconic Canon A1 35mm SLR camera.

Capturing Timeless Moments
From its first documented meeting in 1981, the A1 Camera Club has navigated a remarkable journey. From informal gatherings in local pubs to weekly meetings and thriving exhibitions, the Club’s dedication to its craft has remained steadfast. Even during the challenging pandemic period, the Club adapted, embracing virtual meetings that welcomed new members and inspired creativity.

Shaping the Community Through the Lens
The A1 Camera Club isn’t just about photography; it’s about community engagement. Through the lens, club members have supported local charities, captured events of historical significance, and contributed to the visual tapestry of Weston-super-Mare. Their work has enriched exhibitions, publications, and even played a role in the restoration of Weston Museum.

Join Us
Mark your calendars and join us for the A1 Camera Club Annual Exhibition at Weston Museum, September 5th to September 16th, 2023. Experience the artistry, celebrate the history, and embrace the future of photography with A1 Camera Club.
For more information about visit www.a1cameraclubweston.org