Rusty’s Adventures

Who is Rusty?

Rusty the dog is based on the skeleton of a dog that was excavated on a dig at Dibble’s Farm in Christon (not far from Weston) and is now on display in our Living Landscape gallery. He lived during the Iron Age, which was a time about 2000 years ago when people lived in tribes and kept dogs for help when hunting.

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Rusty’s Young Archaeologist Club

If you enjoy learning and exploring with Rusty then you might like to join our Young Archaeologist Club. We meet once a month for fun sessions and visits to historical places. As long as you are aged between 8 and 16, you can join up for only £25 per 6 months of sessions. Head to our Rusty Club page for more information.

Explore and play across history with Rusty the Dog!

Join in with Rusty’s Time Travelling Adventures by downloading a home learning pack and read stories of Rusty the Iron Age Dog’s life with Bran and Alena.

Rustys Time Travelling Adventures

Rusty the Dog (the museum’s mascot) has discovered how to travel back in time and is visiting some of our favourite historical eras. He wants you to explore with him!

We love to see what fun you have with Rusty’s activities so remember to take pictures and share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can find us @westonmuseum and use the hashtag #westonmuseumrusty.

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Medieval Mayhem


Rusty loves the madness of the Medieval era – full of wandering minstrels, brave knights and the odd dragon! Explore with him by starting off with some musical storytelling.

Download a ‘print only’ free home learning pack of information and activities plus a bonus activity pack, or watch a video.

In Living Memory

In Living Memory

In this special pack, Rusty is exploring some memories from the last few decades; he wants you to explore with him!

Download a free home learning ‘print only’ pack of information.

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Rusty Learning Pack – In Living Memory 9.85mb

Rusty Cartoons

World War 2

Get inspired by looking at some of the Rusty Stories then create your own Rusty Comic.

Download a free ‘print only’ activity pack.

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Rusty Activity – Design a Rusty Comic 1.97mb

What’s This?

Iron Age

Try out our activity packs covering a range of topics.

Download a free ‘print only’ activity pack.

Rusty’s Stories