The following account was given to the museum, as part of the community exhibition with the Multicultural Friendship Association.  We will be sharing more stories with you over the next few weeks.  Many thanks to the participating members of the Multicultural Friendship Association.

Greetings !

First of all, I would like to introduce myself, I’m Lealee Mendoza-Brown 41 years of age, originally from Philippines, happily married to Andre’ Lawrence Brown and with two healthy kids named Lawrence-Lee 7 years of age and Laura-Lee 5 years of age.

2008 , I came here to study on how to look after the elderly and so I finished my NVQ( National Vocational Qualifications) Level 3 & 4 at Derbyshire whilst my study placement was here in Weston-super-mare called Highctoft Nursing Home. I finished my studies which helped me to pursue my career here in UK after 2 years my employer sponsored me to work for them.
So I applied at the Home Office to get my working permit and luckily I had my permit to work for 2 years and then after 2 years I applied again from Home Office to extend my permit to work and they gave me another 2 years for extensions.

2012, I got married to Andre,’ I met him 2008 when I went to their workplace named Brockley in St. Nicholas Way as part of my placement. It was one of my great achievement here in Uk to finished my study and I did applied my learnings to work .

2017, I left my workplace as I want to learn more and acquiring critical thinking skills and discovering new ways of relating to people from different cultures. So, here I am now presently , working in University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust .
Lealee Mendoza-Brown