We are delighted to share another oral history account, the result of a partnership with the Multicultural Friendship Association, culminating in a community exhibition.  Thank you MFA!

My name is Erzsebet Veress (Erzsi). I was born in Budapest, Hungary. I first moved to England in 2003 and spent a year with a family to learn English. Then I finished my studies in Hungary.

I liked living in England during that year and I always planned moving back to England once I finished my studies. So, I moved back to England in 2007. I have been living in Weston-super-Mare since then. I am a British Citizen since 2014.

I like living in England as I like the people, they are very nice and welcoming. I also like the weather here, it doesn’t have extreme weather. In Hungary, we have very hot summers and very cold winters. I also like the culture, I like learning about it.

Every year I go back to Budapest to visit my family and friends. Being Hungarian means that I have a country to go back whenever I need it. It is a place I love with the same equality as I love the UK.

I am proud being a Hungarian as this little country has so much history. Its language is very unique, only two languages pertain to the linguistic family called Finno-Ugric (and this is only Finnish and Hungarian).
There are some interesting facts about Hungary, for example, that a Hungarian invented the Rubik’s Cube; Hungarians created both Paramount and Fox Studios, and lots of famous actors have Hungarian roots. Not to mention the influence that Liszt Ferenc and Bartok Bela left on the music world. Even the famous magician Harry Houdini was of Hungarian descent.

There are so many things that Hungarians are related to, and I embrace this and hope that one day this country will get recognition for it.

It is also a beautiful country to visit, Budapest is the ‘Heart of Europe’.

I have an English fiancée and we have a beautiful daughter, Daphne. We are expecting our second child next March. I talk to Daphne in Hungarian most of the time as I would like her to grow up as a bilingual and she will speak this unique language, she will be able to communicate with her grandparents and family members in Hungary. I also would like to teach her about the Hungarian history and tradition.

Hungary is a home I hold close to my heart and I will talk about the culture to anyone who is willing to hear about it.

Erzsi – Hungary