We are delighted to share another oral history account, the result of a partnership with the Multicultural Friendship Association, culminating in a community exhibition.  Thank you MFA!

Hi, my name is Luzviminda. People call me Lucy here in England as its easy to remember than my Filipino name. I came here in UK, November 2006 as working visa. The process of getting a job here wasn’t easy. I have had applied 2005 in an agency but due to terrorist attack in London, my application has been on hold. Of course with that I have lost the employer and waited for another chance. In 2006 I had an employer and started sorting papers. Plenty of papers and documents had to be sent and also my medical and physical health. As of October 2006 it has started to have a good light and get the working visa. I have finally have my plane ticket in November 2006. A week before the flight, we received bad news as employer have abandoned us and get a local worker instead. We then have to face the difficulties of coming here whilst the agency looking for a job for us. It didn’t take time to wait and finally get an employer to keep us and change our working visa. From Heathrow to Clevedon and without any company who can give us a lift so we travel by public transport. Took is 3 hours and more to get to our destination.

I settled quickly here in the UK working and met a lot of friends. June 2007 I met my husband through his friend. His friend came to our flat to ask information how we managed to come here to work. He had a fiancé who would like to know about it. It was actually my flatmate who knows him but she asked me to be with her and have a good chat. As I had a good chat with him he asked me if I’m single or want to meet a friend. I said not a problem to meet someone and of course I’m single at that time. 27 June meet Phil for first time and had good laugh – never get out of my sight since then. Got married August 2008. From working to care homes for many years and got qualifications (NVQ Level 3 and Level 5) to be employed by NHS at Weston General Hospital as nursing assistant for 5 years and now working in Weston Hospice Care as Day hospice Nursing Assistant for 3 years although I have been working as Bank Nursing Assistant since 2015 in WHC. I have achieved a good journey here in UK. A happy mum now and enjoying the rest of my life.

Lucy – Philippines