We are delighted to share another oral history account, the result of a partnership with the Multicultural Friendship Association, culminating in a community exhibition.  Thank you MFA!

One of the first MFA events I was delighted to attend was a ceremonial tree planting ceremony in Grove Park, on 11th September 2014, to celebrate the mayoral patronage of the Association. There were such kind and inspiring words from Rev. Wing. Com Keith Berry-Davies, Imam Moktar, and of course from Triliria Newbury. The patronage in perpetuity was happily received by a beaming Mayor Roz Willis. Following much hilarity and supportive handholding, Triliria and the Mayor made it up the steep bank to oversee the planting of this beautiful tree, accompanied by prayers and good wishes from both clerics.

We repaired to St John’s Hall for a suitably splendid lunch (the hospitality being legendary at all MFA events). Here we ate and chatted happily well into the afternoon and enjoyed the fabulous cake which had been created for the occasion.

Mayor Willis was presented with a silver salver in recognition of this happy event.

Anna Steven