We are delighted to share another oral history account, the result of a partnership with the Multicultural Friendship Association, culminating in a community exhibition.  Thank you MFA!

Moving to the UK from Malaysia came with its own difficulties, notwithstanding it being at such a challenging age.

During our time at secondary school, we quickly realised the significant contrast between the Malaysian and UK education system, which we found to be an interesting experience. Although we openly embraced this new change, the language barrier was very apparent and hindered our ability to make new friends. At this time we felt isolated from the other students and without this conduit to improve our English. there was little hope of building lasting relationships. Luckily our mum was part of the MFA whose members provided us with extensive support and guidance alongside the school resources. Their selfless nature and willingness to help was a turning point for us during our time here and gave us the foundations to build upon and achieve our placement at sixth form.

The next milestone for us was being accepting into university to study accounting and finance. This provided us the perfect opportunity to build long term friendships which we were able to share our graduation success with and take into the next chapter of our lives.

Suet Yee & Phui Yee, Malaysia