For thousands of years different communities, cultures and groups have migrated to Britain and made it their home, from prehistory right up to the present. In this year’s sessions with our local home educating families, we have been exploring this topic by looking at different cultures at specific times in history. First, we explored the Bronze Age Beaker people and thought about how people might have interacted when their technologies (Stone or Bronze) were so different. Then we looked at the Romans and what advances they brought, before moving on to the Saxons and their amazing creativity. Our final session covered migration to Britain in the 20th Century, when we recapped all the different groups throughout history and discussed the Commonwealth. In that session we were also joined by some wonderful local residents who had moved here in previous decades from Asia and who kindly shared their experiences of migrating and some of the aspects of their cultures.

The children who took part in these sessions did some great work and learnt lots about other cultures. In the display that is currently on show in our ‘Schools and Communities Display Board’ (which is on the ground floor at the far end of the courtyard) we have put up some of the work that the children made and some photos of the activities. You can see this display on a visit to Weston Museum throughout the month of June.

We are always developing our learning programme for home educating families and due to its popularity from September onwards we will be hosting monthly sessions focussing on different themes and eras inspired by the amazing artefacts in our collections. If you would like to find out more about these sessions, just head to the home educators page of our website where you will find a way to sign up to our emails specifically for home educators.